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I have created a traditional hardback version of the book with some expanded tools that I fulfill directly.  It is $29 including shipping within the U.S. The link below allows you to order it via paypal.

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I have  posted a series of articles for BTS USA, sharing concepts from the book. The most recent one focuses on strategies to unlock above average returns and stay ahead of the chains.

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I work for BTS, a strategy execution consultancy.  We design powerful experiences that impact individuals and their organizations, inspiring new ways of thinking, building critical capabilities and unleashing business success. 

About the Book


 I want to help you keep your organization playing Ahead of the Chains!

This book develops insights from the game of football and applies them to  business leadership.  It focuses on developing an integrated system for your team or organization that allows you to execute at a high level, and play "ahead of the chains".  I do that by sharing examples from college and professional football organizations, teams, and coaches that demonstrate winning approaches to organizational Vision, Strategy, and Culture.  I pair those anecdotes with case examples from Fortune 500 businesses and leaders, to introduce new concepts, frameworks, and tools that you can apply to your organization.  If you are a football fan, and also a leader of team, or an entire organization, this book is for you - delivering new ideas and solutions in an easy-to-read, entertaining way.
Ahead of the Chains provides thought-provoking anecdotes,  powerful insights, and simple tools to help you create and deploy:

A compelling Vision

  • The importance of creating a compelling vision of the future, and couching it against an honest assessment of the current state
  • How to effectively communicate your vision and recruit others on the journey
  • The power of purpose, and how it can galvanize organizations to success
  • How to craft a powerful organizational purpose that connects with a broad set of stakeholders

A clear Strategy 

  • Translate complex academic business strategy models into simple, practical approaches
  • Building your strategy outside-in, or inside-out, from a position of either strength or weakness
  • A strategic framework, incorporating Offensive, Defensive, Blocking, and Tackling approaches
  • A unique approach and tool to analyze your customer relationships to inform strategy

A powerful Culture

  • A simple framework to remove confusion around organizational culture
  • How to make your company’s culture a tangible thing that people can see, touch and feel
  • The importance of leadership to sustaining a powerful culture

An Integrated System

  • Why some organizations deliver sustained value over a long period of time
  • The criticality of having an integrated Vision, Strategy & Culture that fit together, and mutually reinforce each other  

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About the Author

Matt Prostko


Matt Prostko is a first-time author, but one with a broad base of business experience including small business ownership, leadership roles in large enterprises like Motorola, and a 10-year consulting career.  Focusing on strategy execution, Matt advises and provides consulting services to a broad set of Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, USAA, Baker Hughes, ConocoPhillips, AT&T, Alcon, Flowserve, Dell, Accenture, Kimberly Clark, Valero Energy, Sabre, Microsoft and more. Matt coaches these organizations on formulating and executing strategy, building powerful cultures, developing business and financial acumen, driving innovation, and leading teams toward improved business results.

Matt is also a lifelong football fan, and a committed “student of the game”, and he believes that insights from the game of football offer practical lessons for business leaders. He uses historical anecdotes, perspectives from leading coaches and organizations, and his own insight into the game as a metaphor for teaching business leadership concepts.  Matt is an energetic speaker, with a passion for building capability in others and a pragmatic focus on getting results. 

Matt graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, and has a certificate from the Institute of Managerial Leadership from the McCombs Graduate School of Business, also at the University of Texas.

He is married to Tracy and resides in Austin, Texas.  He has three children; Jack, Cameryn, and Trip.

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